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Autism and Mercury & Car seat safety.....

Posted about 9 years ago by Janel Saunders

Two great short articles posted on the AANP Smart Brief.....Even though it is sad that we are still spending time and research money on exploring the fact that mercury does NOT cause Autism, this is another article that you may show your families that still quesiton the safety of our vaccines:)

And the second listed article is very important b/c this is the age group that parents start forgetting the importance of keeping children in that age group in more than just a seatbelt!

  • Study: Mercury levels similar in children with or without autism
    The blood mercury levels in children with autism or autism spectrum disorders are no different from those found in children without the disorder, a U.S. study showed. "This is an excellent study that has addressed a very important question for many families about the role of mercury [in autism]. It's a very clear study [in] that no differences in mercury were seen," one autism expert said. HealthDay News (10/19)  
  • Booster seats cut child's injury risk in half
    Car booster seats reduce the risk of injury from car accidents by half for children ages 4 to 8 years, when compared to just using seat belts, researchers reported. The study found booster seats without backs were just as effective as those with backs. Reuters (10/19)  


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