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Legislative Update

Posted about 8 years ago by Melissa Kelly

Here is a legislative up date from our Legislative Chair, Rosemary Liguori.  Please visit the website for the full article.  The author of the article will be our guest Speaker at the Florida Chapter's May meeting.

Published on Sunshine State News (http://www.sunshinestatenews.com)

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses the Solution to Physician Shortage


Here is another update from the Florida League of Women Voters.  They are backing the implementation of a broader scope of practice for ARNPs. 

 Tallahassee, FL -- Florida's health care system is in dire need of reform. With rising health care costs, a shortage of health care providers, ever-increasing numbers of elderly and uninsured patients, and a high percentage of rural poor with no access, Florida is at the epicenter of the health care debate. Additionally, current economic factors such as high unemployment rates and the state's large budget gap contribute to a grim prognosis for Floridians.
> One potential remedy for Florida's health care system involves allowing Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) to prescribe controlled medications, such as those used for pain and seizures. ARNPs are highly trained medical professionals who should be encouraged to practice to the full extent of their education, training, and experience. Every other state in the country, with the exception of Alabama and Florida, allows licensed Nurse Practitioners to prescribe controlled medications.
> According to LWVF President Deirdre Macnab, "Following the lead of 48 other states by allowing ARNPs to prescribe additional types of medication just makes sense. Particularly when so many Floridians do not have access to affordable care, especially in rural areas." 
> The League of Women Voters of Florida supports a health care system that provides access to a basic level of quality, affordable care for all Florida residents.