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Legislative Announcement

Posted about 8 years ago by Melissa Kelly

Please find the legislative annouoncement shared at the most recent dinner meeting.  Rosemary Liguori is our legislative chair.  If you have any information for her, please give her an email or a call to share your thoughts.

Florida NAPNAP Legislative Report


As legislative chair, I am representing our chapter on two telephone conferences a month. One meeting is for the National NAPNAP Health Policy which will occur on October 21st. The meeting that I have attended twice is for NAPNAP Medicaid-Medicare Issues. The focus of the work group is to explore how Medicaid issues impact PNPs at the state level.

Focus of the Group:

1.      To learn collaborative as to what is happening in each state as Medicaid and

      Medical Homes roll out in each state.

2.      To learn from each other and to strategize how to advocate for children and   

NP inclusion in state statutory and regulatory Medicaid and medical/health care home language.

Some concerns are:

1.      How a PNP can bill as a provider in Medicaid?

2.      Obtaining credentialing within managed care organizations.

3.      Identification of access issues and barriers to PNPs caring for Medicaid patients.


Tasks for the group are:

1.      Be an advocate for children in obtaining access to health care.

2.      Obtain information regarding the number of children eligible for Medicaid.

3.      Gather information as to who is on Medicaid fee for service vs. Medicaid MCO.

4.      Determine if NP can be providers in the fee for service or Medicaid MCOs.

5.      Determine if S-CHIP is administered in individual states.

6.      Discover how many NPs bill Medicaid/Medicare under their NPI vs. the physician NPI. # of NPs who have Medicaid numbers. Compare that # to the total NPs in the state

7.      Identify barriers.

8.      Identify Nurse Practice Act as it relates to Medicaid.

9.      Identify how Medicaid relates to specialty care provided by NPs.

10.  Identify NPs on insurance panels.

11.  Identify NP’s who have their own practice.

12.  Identify NPs who have a panel of patients within a medical practice


Two resources that may assist PNPS are:


1.      Justice, D. (October, 2010). Implementing the affordable care act: New options for Medicaid Home and community based services. National Academy for State Health. Retrieved from www:nashp.org.

2.      Video about NP’s on the Florida Nurse Practitioner website www:fnpn.org


If anyone would like to share their thoughts, ideas and experience with Medicaid. Medicare in Florida, please contact me via email: robertliguori3@gmail.com or rliguori3@cfl.rr.com  or by phone 386 424-1286 -Rosemary Liguori PhD, CPNP, RN